Wrestling Clinics

Personalized Team Clinics

Bring Valdez Wrestling to your school or club. Personalized Team Clinics are designed specifically for teams and clubs. They can be tailored to fit the needs and cover the areas that a team or club needs to work. In most clinic settings, a coach doesn’t have control of the material being presented, but with our Personalized Team Clinics, coaches decide what areas of wrestling they want Coach Valdez to cover. Wrestlers are sure to get personal attention and learn sound technique that will work at every level. Valdez Wrestling is confident that any team or club will greatly benefit.
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1-Day Technical Clinics

Unlike most Clinics, where you learn a hundred or so moves in a few hours, at Valdez Technical Clinics, wrestlers spend the entire time (6 hours total) working on a specific area of wrestling. Our Technical Clinics are designed for wrestlers who are serious about improving in a specific area of wrestling. We also limit each clinic to 20 students to ensure that every wrestler gets the attention he/she needs to fully understand and incorporate the techniques into their wrestling.

3 Hour Monthly Technical Clinics

Clinics are a great way to focus and improve on a specific area of wrestling. Our 3 hour high school clinics are all geared toward a specific area of wrestling or technique.

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Workshop Series:

FUNDAMENTALS OFFENSE– This workshop focuses on penetration step, Single leg, High Crotch, and Double leg finishes along with basic tie-ups and positioning.
DEFENSE– This Workshop focuses on fundamental and advanced defensive counters to single leg, double leg, and high crotch take downs.
ESCAPES AND BOTTOM WRESTLING– This workshop focuses on understanding and keeping good position on bottom and learning several stand ups and counters from the bottom position
LEG RIDING– This workshop focuses on fundamental and advanced Leg Riding skills. Students will learn basic positioning, set ups, how to turn opponents for near fall points, and how to defend and get out of leg rides.
TURNS AND PINS– This workshop focuses on advanced arm bars, cradles, and tilts.
ADVANCED TIE-UPS AND SET-UPS – This workshop focuses on advanced positioning and set-ups from the Inside Tie-up, Underhook Tie-up, and Elbow Tie-up Positions.

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