Welcome To Valdez Wrestling Training Gym

Hard work. Intense training. Superior technique. Success on the Mat. This is what we offer at Valdez Wrestling.

Every wrestler wants to be the best and we help them get there. With a proven track record of producing championship winners, Valdez Wrestling is the best way to get to the top. When you’re ready to be an elite wrestler, you’re ready for Valdez Wrestling.

It takes hard work and dedication to become one of the elite. We give wrestlers the coaching and training to get them there. Learning from Valdez will give the skills and knowledge that allow a wrestler to perform better than they ever thought possible. We offer wrestling classes, camps, clinics and private instruction for dedicated young wrestlers who want to hone their skills on the mat.

Our Mission is to teach, motivate and inspire youth, middle school, and high school athletes through the sport of wrestling in order to develop in them the skills necessary to become successful on and off the mat.

Advanced High School Class

Valdez Wrestling offers top wrestling training for advanced high school students and collegiate levels in Orange County.

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High School Class

Valdez Wrestling is the premier wrestling school in Orange County California for High school wrestlers. Check inside and see how to get a free week pass!

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Kids Classes

Valdez Wrestling is Orange County’s premier wrestling training gym for kids ages 6-13 years old. All our classes offer the highest quality technical instruction, focused drilling, hard wrestling, mental preparation, strategy and are fun!

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